Media consultants bought in at additional £90,000 to head up Tory communications unit for next six months

Keen to make sure their political messages are enshrined in all communications from the Council to residents, earlier this year, the Tory-run Council commissioned a review of the communications function.

Westco Trading Limited, the only company asked to carry out the review, has now been awarded a six month contract to provide “consultancy support” with another review expected before the end of the budget year.

Councillor Liz Green, Leader of the Liberal Democrats said

“You couldn’t really make this sort of thing up! At Budget Council, the Tories cut the Communications budget by £160,000, then in April they spent £7,000 on a review but now instead of spending less they are going to throw a further £90,000 of residents’ money to employ consultants for the next six months.”

Having only seen the summary conclusions of the review, Councillor Liz Green continued:

“When you read in a consultant’s report that 'the Council’s leadership needs to have confidence in Communications' and 'there is a disconnect between the Communications Team and the Administration' you know it’s going to cost residents more money.”

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