Neighbourhoods should decide on parking charges to help local shops

The Lib Dems have announced that decisions on parking charges should be decided locally by Neighbourhood Committees, giving more flexibility to local areas to set charges that best fit their high streets or local shops.

There are already a lot of free parking spaces across Kingston because we know this is important for residents and businesses.

The door is open for a more localised approach to parking charges, so neighbourhoods can help our local shops without creating parking problems.

Cllr Liz Green said:

“We have long been committed to devolving as much power as possible to the lowest level possible.

“So as part of our ongoing move to give neighbourhoods more decision making power, we’re asking neighbourhoods to suggest reductions in parking charges where it can help small businesses.

“This is in contrast to the Conservative approach, which would impose a top down cut in parking charges everywhere, increasing traffic across the borough without giving local people a say.”

“In some of our high streets cuts to parking charges could really help local shops but in places like the town centre it could cause real problems. Our proposals allow for the best of both worlds.”

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