New pet shop measures to stop ‘puppy farming’ disgrace

sad-puppy-kingston-lib-dems-dogs-puppy-puppies.jpgAn innovative practice has been launched by the local authority to discourage the sale of puppy farmed dogs in the borough. The Council will now apply additional conditions onto all new and renewed licences of local pet shops.

These new measures are a direct result of the political leadership of Liberal Democrats at Kingston Council.

We have persistently campaigned against the disgraceful practice of pet shops selling on puppy farmed dogs to unwitting customers. Not only are there serious animal welfare issues involved, but as these dogs are believed to develop genetic deformities and acquired diseases, we consider the selling of battery farmed dogs as healthy pets to be a crystal clear case of consumer deception.

Under current Government legislation, the Council has our hands tied in regard to closing pet shops where we suspect animals have been over-bred and poorly treated. Working with the RSPCA we developed an innovative way to protect the health and welfare of puppies sold in the borough: demanding vaccination and tractability certificates should go a long way in deterring the sale of battery farmed dogs.

Kingston Council now demands that puppies should be sold with a vet issued vaccination certificate and details of the breeders name and address. In addition, shops will be required to quarantine any young dogs 7 days before selling them in order to ensure that they are healthy when handed over to the new owner.

More information on the Defending the Pups campaign page.

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