Liberal Democrats pay tribute to Jo Cox

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron and Paddy Ashdown have paid tribute to Jo Cox MP who was murdered this afternoon.

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Honesty over fares and investment needed in London’s transport has never been more important – Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, commenting on the Mayor’s announcement today over his future plans for transport fares said:

“Sadiq Khan’s manifesto specifically said that Londoners won’t pay a penny more for their travel in 2020 than they do today.   There were no ifs, or buts, in that statement.”

“The reality is that many Londoners will see their travelcards rise over the next few years.    What we have found out today feels like a very early broken promise from London’s new Mayor.”

“Honesty over fares and investment in London’s transport has never been more important.” 

Mayor's decision on Garden Bridge is highly disappointing - Caroline Pidgeon


Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, commenting on Sadiq Khan’s announcement today declaring his support for the Garden Bridge said:

 “Today’s decision is highly disappointing.

“Instead of tinkering with minor changes from the Garden Bridge Trust the Mayor should be seeking to recoup every penny of Transport for London funding that has been allocated to this highly controversial project.

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Shameful that Boris Johnson stopped air pollution report from being published - Tom Brake

Commenting on reports that Boris Johnson decided not to publish a report which demonstrated that 433 schools in London are located in areas that exceed EU limits for nitrogen dioxide, Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake said:
“It is quite frankly shameful that Boris Johnson stopped such an important report from being published.
“Despite being elected on a pledge to open up City Hall, it seems Boris Johnson was quite content as Mayor of London to hold back vital information affecting the health of Londoners, and especially children.
“If Boris Johnson was truly proud of his record in tackling air pollution, he would not have hesitated to ensure this report was immediately made available to the public.”

Action to tackle London’s toxic air could not happen sooner – Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon AM, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, commenting on the Mayor’s announcement today that he will launch a formal policy consultation on measures to tackle air pollution including extending the Ultra-Low Emission Zone.

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Youth Centres should be protected


Conservative-run Kingston Council have voted to close 50% of the borough’s Youth Centres. 

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Green Belt ruling sends "shivers down the spine"


Lib Dem campaigners are again voicing genuine concerns about the threat to Chessington’s Green Belt, following a new Government ruling that gave the go ahead for 1,500 homes to be built near Gloucester.

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Caroline Pidgeon welcomes One Hour Bus Ticket announcement

one_hour_ticket.jpgCommenting on today’s announcement confirming the introduction of a 'one hour bus ticket', Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon said: 

"The Liberal Democrats have been campaigning for a One Hour Bus Ticket for the best part of a decade in London. I welcome our policy being adopted by London's new mayor and hope that he will go further and also implement our policy for half price travel for journeys on the transport network before 7.30am."

£17 billion blackhole looks set to sink Heathrow expansion

The Campaign for Better Transport and Greenpeace have revealed that according to figures compiled by Transport for London, UK taxpayers could be asked to fork out £17 billion to cover the costs of transport needed to manage the massive surge in traffic a third runaway would require.

Commenting on the figures, Caroline Pidgeon said:

"These latest figures are a further confirmation that there is a gaping hole in the case for Heathrow expansion.

"This massive gap has been raised on a number of occasions by the London Transport Committee, which I have co-chaired since 2008.

"When I grilled Howard Davies, the Airport Commission's chairman, about his report last September he was in complete denial about the additional costs.

"The Davies report has now been totally discredited. The case against a third runway at Heathrow has never been stronger.

"It is time David Cameron stopped dithering on this issue and finally honoured his pledge of no ifs, no buts, no third Heathrow runway."

Save 22 Gloucester Road for Emergency Housing


Kingston Council does not have bed and breakfast accommodation available for homeless families within the Borough. There are 589 households living in temporary accommodation (including private sector leasing and our hostels) and the rising homelessness figures cannot be ignored.

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Caroline Pidgeon's Black Cab interview

Today Caroline Pidgeon took a ride in Norman Smith's cab and answered questions on her plans for London and some London trivia.

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Forced Academisation of Primary Schools


In the recent Budget, Conservative Chancellor George Osborne outlined plans to convert every primary and secondary school in the country into academies by 2020.

Nationally, the scale of the challenge is huge as 16,000 primary schools need to become Academies in the next five years. Over the last five years the Government has found it difficult to secure enough quality sponsors to take on just 5,000 Academies. 

Responding to the Government’s whitepaper, ‘Educational excellence everywhere’, Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson, Councillor Tom Davies, voices his concerns.

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Chessington Greenbelt Survey


Recent reports suggest there are plans for hundreds of homes, a swimming pool and a stadium on a Green Belt site at Garrison Lane, Chessington. Take our 1 minute survey on whether Green Belt development is acceptable.

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Caroline Pidgeon out campaigning with Kingston Lib Dems


Caroline Pidgeon went out door knocking in Kingston with local Lib Dem London Assembly candidates Emily Davey, Merlene Emerson and Rosina Robson.

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Estate Regeneration on the Council agenda – Lib Dems challenge reduced membership of Housing Sub Committee

Kingston Liberal Democrats have raised concerns about the membership of Conservative-led Kingston Council's new Housing Sub Committee.

The terms of reference being put forward by the Conservative Administration will see not only a reduction in Liberal Democrat Opposition places (from two Members to only one), but Resident Associations would lose their votes all together.

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