Cutting Kingston’s air pollution vital for our children’s health


  • Lib Dems demand electric vehicle charging push

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Police down, crime up in Kingston


  • Home burglaries rise 44% across borough

  • Over 40 police officers cut in Kingston since 2015

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New parking permit plan prompts £11,000 apology from Kingston Council


Kingston Council has spent just over £11,000 apologising to residents for its failure to inform them before introducing a new, complicated and confusing online-only parking permit system in the borough.

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Parking Permits Farce Revealed



Local residents have been left outraged after it was revealed that the local Tory council has pushed through changes to parking permits without telling them.

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New trains franchise must not rule out TfL takeover - Olney


Sarah Olney MP expresses disappointment that Transport for London will not take over the running of commuter rail services.

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How should our local parks and open spaces be improved?



Kingston Council has borrowed £1 Million for improvements for parks, so we’d like to know what you think are the most important areas for improvements.

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Food Waste bags - update



Cllr Clive Chase gives an update:

“Thank you to all those who have signed our online petition to reinstate free food waste bags.

We know, that since they were cut and we have had to buy our own, there has been a significant decline in the amount of food waste recycled. There has also been an increase in the amount of waste going to landfill.”

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Kingston Tories increase Council Tax by 4.99%

Conservative-run Kingston Council plans to increase your council tax by 4.99%, the maximum amount allowed by the Government. The Conservatives increased it above inflation last year too.

These 2 large rises in your council tax from local Conservatives totally break their promise from the 2014council elections when they said they would “freeze council tax for two years”. Local Tories are blaming the new Conservative MP and his Tory Government.

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An unfair and unjust cut for Kingston's Special Education Needs children

Kingston's Conservative administration has removed the right for children under five and over sixteen who have special education needs and disabilities to be transported to school free of charge. As Liberal Democrats, we would not do this.

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Hilary Gander on how Kingston Conservatives make decisions

Councillor Hilary Gander on how Kingston Conservatives make decisions 

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Lamb attacks shocking increase in hospital and ambulance waits

Former Health minister Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat Health spokesperson, has hit out after a slew of fresh government health data showed that ambulance waiting times have shot up.

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Mayor's position on the Garden Bridge is illogical and indefensible

As the Labour London Mayor reiterated his support for the building of the Garden Bridge, Caroline Pidgeon highlighted the taxpayers' money that is still being sucked into the project.


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Schools face cuts to their budgets

Questioning the Prime Minister at PMQs today (1st March) Lib Dem MP Sarah Olney slammed the government for spending millions of pounds on new free schools at the same time as existing schools face cuts to their budgets.

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Jonny Oates on Brexit and Article 50

Our own Jonny Oates speaks in the Lords debate on Brexit and Article 50.

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Theresa May, where is the justice in abandoning child refugees?

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has renewed calls on Theresa May not to abandon child refugees by scrapping the Dubs scheme.

This comes as pressure mounts on the Prime Minister over the decision, which was criticised in an open letter from over 200 high-profile celebrities and campaigners and by the Archbishop of Canterbury who called it "deeply unjust.


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