Jonny Oates on Brexit and Article 50

Our own Jonny Oates speaks in the Lords debate on Brexit and Article 50.

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Theresa May, where is the justice in abandoning child refugees?

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has renewed calls on Theresa May not to abandon child refugees by scrapping the Dubs scheme.

This comes as pressure mounts on the Prime Minister over the decision, which was criticised in an open letter from over 200 high-profile celebrities and campaigners and by the Archbishop of Canterbury who called it "deeply unjust.


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Lib Dem membership in London nearly doubles since EU referendum

Liberal Democrat membership in London has nearly doubled since the EU referendum. We now have the most London members that we have ever had this century. 

The biggest increase in membership, by over 400 members, has been in the Richmond Park, the constituency where Sarah Olney won the by-election last December. 

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Heathrow Consultation

The Government is currently taking a public consultations on Night flights, UK airspace, and Heathrow expansion.  

The Liberal Democrats will continue our decades-fight against Heathrow expansion and will work closely with local councils and campaign groups to ensure those affected make their voices heard.

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Five year growth in Tube delays caused by overcrowding must come to an end

Tube delays caused by overcrowding have soared in the last five years, new figures obtained by Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member have revealed.

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Kingston Tories lock Tolworth residents out of Toby Jug planning meeting

In a secret session held behind closed doors last night, Conservative councillors decided “not to defend the planning Appeal” for the Toby Jug site.

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Kingston Tories lock out Tolworth residents from Toby Jug meeting

In a secret session held behind closed doors last night, Conservative councillors decided “not to defend the planning Appeal” for the Toby Jug site.

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Surbiton Crescent - Lib Dems welcome appeal decision to cancel fine

After being fined for driving through Surbiton Crescent, a resident who made submissions about inadequate signage has won his Appeal with the Independent Parking Adjudicator.

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Caroline Pidgeon welcomes steps to make childcare more accessible in London

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, commenting on the announcement today that an interest-free loan scheme to help cover the up-front cost of childcare provision will be provided to parents in the GLA Group said:

“I am delighted that the Mayor has taken up and introduced this policy that I have long championed. 

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More cuts and a 5% Council tax rise, not a caring Council budget - Liz Green

Kingston Council today announced plans to increase council tax by 5%. Kingston Liberal Democrat leader Liz Green expresses her fears of proposed cuts contained within the 2017/2018 Royal Borough of Kingston budget.

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Leaving the single market will be a disaster for our economy

The Prime Minister has been slammed for declaring that she is taking Britain out of the Single Market and denying the British people a say on any final Brexit deal.

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Mayor’s strategic target of 32,000 police officers is meaningless

key_london_liberal_democrats_police_community_policing_caroline_pidgeon_lib_dems.jpgCaroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, commenting on the admission today by the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, that the year 2017 to 2018 will see £38 million saved by recognising current police numbers which are about 31,200 police officers, said:

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News Caroline Pidgeon welcome access for disabled people being enforced on buses

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, commenting on the unanimous Supreme Court ruling stating that bus companies will have to do more to accommodate wheelchair users, commented:

“I very much welcome this ruling.   A policy of simply requesting but not requiring wheelchair space to be allocated to wheelchair users is not acceptable. 

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As Kingston A&E fails on waiting times

key_hospital.pngKingston Hospital urged people not to go to Accident and Emergency this January, as the full extent of how the Conservatives have starved health and social care services of vital cash became clear - in Kingston and elsewhere.

Local people complained of long waits at Kingston’s A&E, with official figures showing Kingston has been regularly missing its hospital waiting time targets.

It’s not just inadequate NHS funding by the Conservative Government,” argues Chessington Lib Dem Councillor, Margaret Thompson. “It’s also Kingston Council failing to provide proper care for elderly patients ready to go home.”

Kingston’s Lib Dem Health Campaigner, Ed Davey, says people are right to be angry over these failures. “I’m worried that elderly people especially are suffering from lack of care and longer waiting times. We told the Conservatives this would happen, but they wouldn’t listen.”

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Kingston headteachers slam Tory budget cuts


Headteachers from across Kingston have written to Conservative Ministers, MPs and councillors to warn of a funding crisis in local schools.

In a strongly-worded letter to national and local Conservative politicians, Kingston’s school heads have attacked “stealth cuts” to local education budgets, and called for an urgent “boost to school funding” before it’s “too late”. The letter warns of a recruitment and retention crisis too.

Analysis of Conservative spending plans show Kingston schools losing £6.1 million by 2020 - a loss of £302 for every pupil - with 165 teachers sacked in the Royal Borough.

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