Noel Hadjimichael

Canbury Gardens ward candidate


Noel Hadjimichael

Noel and his wife have lived in Kingston for over six years since emigrating from Australia.
A lawyer and former CEO in the charity sector, Noel started his working life in the Royal Australian Navy and the civil service.

Active as a volunteer before and during the peak of the pandemic, Noel has assisted the valued work of All Saints Church Kingston, Teddington Memorial Hospital and Kew Palace.
He has also been an active contributor to leading London think tanks in defence, security and social policy areas.

A committed believer in the value, heritage and amenity of our local Borough, Noel brings a wealth of management, people and communication skills.
He is particularly keen to ensure that Canbury Gardens is a safe, ecologically sustainable and livable precinct. Locals have often chosen our corner of south west London for its quality education choices, transport links and riverfront beauty.

Issues for Campaiging:

  1. Riverfront amenity - Canbury Gardens and green spaces
  2. Access to public transport (bus, rail, cycle)
  3. Connection with Kingston town centre, RBK heritage and reputation
  4. Clean, orderly and safe streetscapes that reflect pride of residents
  5. Managing our river access and dealing with illegal moorings
  6. Effective and fair treatment of residents in planning and service delivery


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