Norbiton residents unlock a problem at Cemetery

Your Liberal Democrat Councillors have helped set up a community group to take responsibility for the pedestrian gates at Kingston cemetery.

Previously, due to limited resources, the gates were being locked earlier in the day, forcing many children at King Athelstan primary school to walk along busy and dangerous roads.

To resolve this issue, the cemetery staff and local residents suggested that a team of local residents have access to the keys to keep the cemetery open for longer.

Thanks to your local Norbiton Councillors, Olly, Dave and Emily, a group of parents now have a key each to unlock the gates in the morning, and lock them again in the early evening.

Local Norbiton Councillor, Olly Wehring, commented: “This is a great example of community engagement. Resident volunteers will play an important role in improving service provision by promoting a healthy and safer way for children to take part in breakfast and evening school clubs, or, indeed, for anyone to simply enjoy an early morning or evening walk.”

The team of local residents will be responsible for locking and unlocking the pedestrian gate in the mornings and evenings — allowing for more locals to have access to the cemetery for longer hours.

If you wish to get involved in this programme or any other programme with Kingston cemetery, please contact Norbiton Councillor, Olly Wehring on 0791 962 0567.

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