"One less knife on our streets means a safer Kingston for us all" Cllr Munir Ravalia


Photo of Councillor Munir Ravalia

Sadly, our Borough has succumbed to the tragedy our youth are facing, that of senseless killings due to knife crime.

On 6th June 2017 and then on 5th August 2018, two young men lost their lives after being fatally stabbed. As we reflect on these tragedies, we must work hard to prevent further incidents happening.

Over the summer, I have been working with the parents of these victims, and with local partner agencies including the police and youth services.

Alongside my Councillor colleagues, we have been working to create safe spaces, where there will be people to support them, for our young people to spend their time, especially in the evenings.

It’s a fact that cuts have been made to youth centres and policing over the years. In Kingston alone, we have seen over 50 police officers lost from our streets since 2015. We have seen youth centres lost and youth services cut.

I fully support local MP Ed Davey’s continued calls for more police on our streets, highlighting community policing. As local Councillors, we are working with local partner organisations, charities and other organisations to create safe spaces for young men and women and give them the support they need.

I became a Councillor to help wider society, and hope we can not only make a difference in our Borough, but also help change the direction we are heading in as a society.

One less knife on our streets means a safer Kingston for all of us.

I pay tribute to the families of these victims, and I pray no one else has to suffer their ordeal.

Councillor Munir Ravalia
Coombe Vale Ward

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