Outer London Fare Hike campaign

Travellers who live in Zones 5 and 6 face up to a massive


increase in their fares.

For full details see the letter below to Mayor Boris Johnson from Cllr Simon James.

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Letter to the Mayor of London


On the 20th October, when the nation’s media and people across the country were transfixed on how the Chancellor’s Comprehensive Review would affect the funding of our public services -- the Conservative Mayor of London made a quiet announcement saying he was “pleased” he was able to keep public transport fare increases at “an absolute minimum”, highlighting the fact that Zone 1 Tube cash fares will be frozen and an Oyster fee will increase by 5½% -- just a smidgen above inflation.

However, hidden in the small print of Boris’ press release and amongst the kerfuffle of the Spending Review coverage, was the disturbing news that residents of the Royal Borough of Kingston living in TfL Zones 5 (Norbiton, Berrylands and Tolworth) and 6 (Kingston, Surbiton, Chessington North and South) face up to a 67% increase in their fares.

This is because, behind the smoke screen of ‘simplification’ and ‘rationalisation’, Boris Johnson is culling the Zone 2-6 Day Travel Card from January 2011. Local residents who want to visit destinations not in the centre of London will now be forced to buy Zone 1 inclusive tickets at a hugely inflated price. So if you and your family want to take a day trip to places such as Wimbledon, Richmond, Clapham, Croydon or Kew Gardens -- and leave before 9.30am -- your paper Travel Card (as well as your Pay As You Go Oyster fare cap) leaps from £9 to a staggering 15 quid.

Other “buried” headlines of the Mayor’s 20th October announcement include:

  • The Off Peak (bought after 9.30am) Zone 2-6 Travel Card costing £5.10 is to be scrapped. Residents must now buy an expensive Zone 1-6 Travel Card instead at £8.00, a 57% increase in cost
  • For residents living in TfL Zone 4 (New Malden), Zone 1-4 Off Peak travel increases from £6.30 to £7.30, a 16% rise
  • Cash fares for buses will increase in January too: from £2 to £2.20
  • Oyster Pay As You Go fares on buses will rise to £1.30 – that’s a 44% increase since Boris became Mayor in 2008

I am frankly tired of the Mayor of ‘Greater London’ ignoring the residents of the outer Boroughs. Once again, he is palming inner city costs off onto Kingston’s pockets and won’t even have the decency to be truthful or open with us.

Mr Mayor, I am not “pleased” with Outer-London’s fare hike and nor do I think local residents are. That is why I am launching a petition on the Council’s website:

Outer London Fare Hike

We the undersigned are disappointed that the Mayor of London attempted to hide the news of a disproportionately high fare increases for local residents using public transport in outer London.

It is unfair to force daily Travel Card and Oyster cap hikes for the residents of Kingston, Surbiton, Norbiton and Chessington by up to 67% – while raising the cost of Zone 1 Tube fares by just 10p (5½%).

We call on the London Mayor to save the Outer London Travel Card to make travel costs across the capital more equitable and just.

Cllr Simon James
Kingston Council’s Executive Member for Transport

Liberal Democrat Group Rooms
Kingston upon Thames

T: 020 8547 5143 

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