Red Lion Road Industrial Estate petition

The Red Lion Road Industrial Estate has long since grown past being a small, local industrial area employing people from the local community. Like many other industrial estates, it now comprises a great many warehouse and distribution facilities. These facilities by their very nature encourage a high volume of large heavy goods vehicles which are totally unsuited to the residential roads that surround the Red Lion Road Industrial Estate. 

The access roads into the estate, namely Red Lion Road, Fullers Way North, Tolworth Road and Thornhill Road are not suited to heavy goods vehicles. They are generally heavily parked and apart from Red Lion Road, all have traffic calming features and there are also two schools in close proximity to the estate.

This situation is only ever likely to get worse as industry is dying out and distribution is taking over so we believe it is time Transport for London took this issue seriously and find an alternative access into the estate.


Thank you to everyone who signed the petition.

It has now been submitted and we are no longer accepting signatures.

The petition

I call upon Transport for London to seriously investigate any possibility of creating a new access and egress point off the A3 to take industrial traffic into the Red Lion Road industrial estate and out of local residential roads.

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