Sarah Olney - Parliamentary Candidate for Richmond Park

Sarah Olney PC for Richmond Park

Sarah Olney is a Parliamentary Candidate (PC) for the Richmond Park Constituency. She was formerly Liberal Democrat MP for the Consituency from December 2016 until May 2017 when the Parliament had been dissolved for June election, and she had lost her seat by a mere 45 votes. Sarah campaigns on key issues, such as Heathrow expansion, stopping Brexit, and better funding for our services, facing Richmond Park and North Kingston.

✅Sarah works for a large local employer as an accountant.
✅Sarah lives in Tudor Ward of North Kingston with her husband and their two children.
✅Sarah is part of a Liberal team that has 40-year record of campaigning for Richmond Park and North Kingston on issues like Heathrow expansion.

For more information about Sarah's campaign, visit>
Follow her on Twitter: @sarahjolney1


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