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Kingston’s Tories voted to move from weekly to fortnightly collection of recycling. Local Liberal Democrats want to keep weekly collections of all recycling.

The photo shows the boxes you will need if the Tories' plans go through.

What the Conservatives want

Landfill waste to continue to be collected fortnightly in a wheelie bin, food waste to continue to be collected weekly in a caddy, but recycling materials collected fortnightly on a complicated alternative week system. Batteries and textiles will no longer be collected at all, residents will be expected to take them to other places to recycle them.

“You’ll need to store all your recycling materials for 2 weeks – with paper and card in a new wheelie bin, whilst glass, plastics and tins remain in the existing green boxes. An average family currently filling 2 green boxes with recycling per week will now need to find space for 2 wheelie bins, the food waste caddy and 4/5 green boxes!” says local champion and St James’ ward candidate, Annette Wookey.

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Please sign our petition below opposing Tory plans to axe our weekly recycling service.

Petition Closed - Thanks to all who opposed losing our weekly recycling

I oppose Tory plans to axe our weekly recycling service.

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