Secretive Tory Kingston Council won't reveal plans for Berrylands



Tory-run Council keeping residents in the dark about development

Conservative-run Kingston Council have kept Berrylands residents in the dark for nearly a year about what is represented in a mysterious map shown to international property developers.

In March 2017, at the MIPIM property development conference in Cannes (South of France), a Kingston Council delegation exhibited a map clearly highlighting streets around Berrylands station and the much-loved Green Lane park.

No satisfactory explanation has yet been received from the Tory-run Council to explain what the highlighted areas shown to property developers represent. The matter is now being investigated by the Information Commissioner's Office as a formal complaint.

Local campaigner John Sweeney added, “There is a shocking lack of transparency. Local residents were deeply alarmed to see their homes displayed to international property developers without their knowledge. To go nearly a full year without any satisfactory explanation heaps more uncertainty on residents. Just what is Tory-run Kingston Council hiding?


“We appreciate local councillor Sushila Abraham and the Berrylands Focus Team’s intervention into this matter, to ensure that residents are being involved in discussions."

Dawn Lloyd, Secretary, Rose Walk Residents Association



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