Have a question about SPRINGO? Take a look at some of the questions below to see whether we've answered it for you. If not, feel free to email JK: [email protected]

How many games does a £12 SPRINGO booklet cover?

Each booklet contains a SPRINGO ticket for each of the six games, so you can play for the whole evening. However, to increase your chance of winning, you can buy multiple booklets and help raise more money for local parties across London. Each game therefore effectively costs £2.

Can I buy an individual game?

Unfortunately, you can only buy a booklet of tickets, not individual games, so the minimum cost is £12. This covers you for each of the six games we will be playing on the night though, so you can join in the fun throughout.

When do I need to order by?

To play SPRINGO, you need to order your tickets by 12:00-noon, Monday 8 Wednesday 10 March 2021. This is so we can make sure that we can post them to you to play with.

We've extended the deadline to allow even more people to play with us!

To play in the raffle, you can keep ordering your tickets up until the draw takes place. This is because we're drawing the raffle live, so whilst you won't get any physical raffle tickets, your name will be entered into the draw.

Why are you splitting the funds raised with other local parties?

In order to not compete with other local parties, and given that we're all able to attend a virtual Zoom rather than be limited based on geography and venue size, it makes more sense to collaborate. Whilst Kingston is leading this event, every local party in London will benefit from it, so please encourage your Lib Dem friends and family to also attend.

How are you dividing the funds raised with my local party?

Once we've taken out the operational costs for the event, we will look to divide the proceeds based on where people live across London. However, we know that this isn't a perfect solution, so if you live in one local party, but would like to support a different one, please get in touch by email: [email protected]

Do I have to be a member or supporter of the Liberal Democrats to take part in SPRINGO?

Yes. This is an internal Liberal Democrat event only open to members and registered supporters for the party. By purchasing tickets, you confirm that you are either a member or registered supporter of the party.

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