State of the Borough


Lorraine Dunstone, Dennis Goodship and Thay Thayalan, your local LibDem Councillors and Focus Team, have been listening to you, the local residents

Thay agrees with local residents, things have got much worse in the last couple of years - “People tell me about fly-tipping and worse in the roads in our area.” Lorraine said “Grass verges are not cut as they used to be. The cut grass is just left where falls.”

Dennis has checked what is supposed to happen - The council are supposed to clean roads every 3 weeks and spray and clear weeds 3 times a year. But is that happening in your road?

Lorraine, Dennis and Thay think this is just not good enough - even if the council are keeping to the times they are supposed to.

If the council can afford to send the Conservative Leader to the South of France for conferences with property developers - they can afford to keep our streets cleaner.

Local people tell us they deserve better than the decline of recent years.

Lorraine, Dennis and Thay, your local LibDem Councillors and Focus Team, are taking up the comments and complaints.

If you have not done so already - TELL US WHAT YOU THINK - simply e-mail us on [email protected]

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