Surbiton Children's Centre under threat

As part of their latest budget cuts, Kingston Conservatives are set to close the Surbiton Children's Centre. This Sure Start centre, based in Alpha Road, helps local families, many of whom will now have nowhere to turn.

The Tory budget plans to potentially close three centres across the borough, along with cuts to child prevention services designed to help the most vulnerable, and this is on top of the youth centre cuts last year.

Local Lib Dem campaigner, John Sweeney added:

“It is no coincidence that the Children’s Centre is on a packet of land also occupied by Newent House and the old South Place Centre - both of which have been vacant in recent years and allowed to fall into disrepair."

“Residents can’t help thinking that the Tories are eyeing this land for future lucrative development. The Lib Dems have always maintained that this land should be used for local, and vital, front line services."

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