Surbiton Library - unfounded speculation

Tory Scaremongering Surbiton Library John Ayles Lib dem Councillor Surbiton Hill Kingston Council


Recently, rumours have been spread by the local Tory party over the future of Surbiton library.

In order to set the record straight:

At a recent meeting, looking at all the local properties administered by the council, one councillor did express a view that the library could relocate to Surbiton’s town centre.

This view was not adopted or taken forward from that meeting and there are no plans to relocate the library.

Councillor John Ayles says:

"Sadly, a Tory councillor present at that meeting has raised alarm by suggesting the library may close.

Cynical scare-mongering

"This is cynical scare-mongering. If nothing else, spreading this unfounded speculation is unfair to the staff at the library who provide an excellent service. Even more appalling, the Tory councillor concerned has tried to imply that the War Memorial is also under threat."

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