Thames agreement has been a glorified waste of time

The Conservative Leader of the Council, Councillor Kevin Davis, has ended up with egg on his face as secret talks to merge Kingston and Richmond Councils broke down this week following a fall out that they are keeping tight lipped about.

Councillor Liz Green, Lib Dem Leader of the Opposition said,

“It now seems the Thames Agreement has all been a glorified waste of time. We believe the two Tory Leaders fell out on sovereignty issues which does not surprise me. I did warn Councillor Davis that Tories elected in Richmond were looking to take over Kingston.

"Only a few weeks ago, all Tory councillors voted to endorse the progress on the Thames Agreement and now it seems the two Conservative Leaders (Lord True in Richmond) are rowing back to their respective Authorities. Basically they are now up the creek without a paddle!

"Perhaps if they reflect on our successful Administration they would start thinking about providing better services and being more efficient and that might mean working with Richmond, Sutton, Merton, Croydon and other boroughs as we did.”

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