Thay Thayalan

Tolworth ward candidate

Thay Thayalan

I have lived in Tolworth with my wife and daughter for nearly 46 years.
I have a good knowledge of the area and the changes over this period.

I am now retired, having worked in ICT industry for forty-two years gaining experience in engineering, projects, management and finance. As a community minded person, I was actively involved in charitable organisations working to promote arts, culture, sports, diversity and equality for nearly thirty years. The experience as a trustee, working with different communities helped me to understand local people and the issues.

I have dedicated my life to working for the community. I set up and developed community organisations working to promote arts, culture, sports, diversity and equality since 1983. The extensive experience gained working with different community groups certainly helped me to understand local residents and their concerns. I stood for election as a councillor in 2014 as I felt it is an extension of my community service to the residents of the area. I have been involved with Kingston Liberal Democrats for nearly 25 years.
I have done numerous case work to resolve issues and concerns of residents for the last eight years as a councillor for Tolworth.
I campaigned against inappropriate development of the Tolworth area. I spoke against the planning applications submitted for the former MOD site and the Tolworth Tower. There is a housing shortage. I support good development that is appropriate and benefit for the area.

I have been working with residents, neighbourhood police and the council officers to tackle fly tipping and anti-social behaviour issues. I facilitated the setting up of ‘Broadoaks Action Group’, a residents association formed to create a better environment for those living on and using the road.
I had the honour to be elected as the Mayor of the Royall borough of Kingston in 2018/2019 municipal year. I chose three fantastic charities to support during my mayoral year that celebrate diversity, promote social cohesion, support emotional wellbeing and encourage young people to fulfil their potential.
As the BAME lead, I work with Kingston Race and Equality Council in organising panel discussions on equality and inclusion issue .
During Covid-19 pandemic, I got involved as much as I can in helping and supporting vulnerable people. I recruited and coordinated a whole local network of food bank ‘street champions in May 2020. I made calls to vulnerable residents in the ward to check their health and advice on available support from the council. I promoted vaccine take up in social media and press amongst BAME communities.

I received the ‘President Award’ from the Liberal Democrat party in 2020 at the autumn conference mainly for ‘long standing commitment to anti-racism and equalities issues both in the community as well as now on the Council’.
In the eight years, I have learnt a lot and gained valuable experience in the working of the council and resolving residents’ concerns. I believe that I have the energy, experience, time and enthusiasm to continue working hard for the betterment of the area and the residents.


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