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Funding secured to improve Knollmead Park

Knollmead Park is to receive £75,000 of investment from Kingston Council as a result of lobbying from Liberal Democrat Alexandra Ward Councillors.

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Why has development on Toby Jug site get the green light this time?

“New planning laws gave Council no choice” — Ed Davey MP

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Much-needed affordable homes coming to Tolworth

Liberal Democrats are delivering on their election promise of new homes for Kingston after approval was given for 285 affordable homes on a derelict site in Tolworth.

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Surbiton 20mph speed limit demand


20mph demand for Sunray Estate and Surbiton residential streets

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Campaigners call for local crime summit


Home burglaries have risen 44% in the borough in just one year, as Conservative police cuts bite. Local MP Ed Davey is campaigning for more bobbies on the beat.

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Can you trust the spineless Tories on the Toby Jug?


Homes Not Towers

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Toby Jug: Tories put politics before the people of Tolworth


At a crucial Kingston Council meeting last night, Kingston's Tory councillors failed to support the people of Tolworth's opposition to 950 new homes in tower blocks at the Toby Jug site.

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Toby Jug: residents win appeal


…despite Conservatives caving in to developer

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Toby Jug success

After months of uncertainty, the Secretary of State has dismissed the appeal made by Meyer Homes for 705 flats to be built on the former Toby Jug site. This means the original decision has been upheld and planning permission has been refused.

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Threat to Elmbridge Green Belt

Knock-on effect to Surbiton and Tolworth “massive”.

Elmbridge Borough Council has been consulting on their new Local Plan – this sets the policy by which planning applications are assessed.

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