Tories let you down again - Boris rubber stamps Tolworth Towers

key_boris-700-400-hamilton-avenue-tolworth-tower-planning-tories-kevin-davis-kingston-conservatives.pngBoris Johnson rubber stamps the Tolworth Towers.    Boris photo: Andrew Parsons/ i-Images Creative Commons License


This afternoon, regrettably, the Conservative London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has not used his powers to help residents of Tolworth. Instead, he has rubber stamped the decision by Kingston's Conservatives for the overdevelopment of the Tolworth Tower site.

The Conservative London Mayor has chosen to ignore a petition collected in just 10 days by Kingston Liberal Democrats and signed by over 1000 local residents. This afternoon at a closed meeting, the Mayor of London disregarded the wishes of the vast majority of local people and upheld the bad decision taken by Tory Councillors.

Tom Davies, Lib Dem Councillor for Tolworth says:

"I'm dismayed at this decision; Boris Johnson clearly does not understand Tolworth. I was gobsmacked when the Conservatives on the Development Control Committee agreed to permit this massive overdevelopment."

Tom's fellow Liberal Democrat councillor in Tolworth, Lorraine Rolfe, explains:

"I voted to reject it, as did all my Liberal Democrat colleagues, as it

  • provided only a derisory amount of affordable housing,
  • would add to the traffic in this area, and
  • did not meet many policy requirements.

This just goes to show that if residents elect Conservatives they let you down again and again".


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