Tories want more motorists fined

In this year’s budget, Kingston’s Conservative Administration have plans to introduce eight more bus lane and box junction cameras, to raise more funds for the Council. The extra unattended cameras will be in locations where frequent contraventions take place, but not necessarily where safety is the primary concern.

Compliance with bus lane and box junctions help to keep traffic flowing which has improved since the introduction of the fines, but not as much as initially hoped. These new cameras are expected to increase income from fines by £380,000 starting in April 2015.

Speaking on the proposal in the Conservative budget, Councillor Liz Green, Leader of the Liberal Democrats said,

“Where is the review of the cameras already operating in the borough? I have had safety concerns raised with me about the box junction outside Wilkinson’s as cars are stopping on the crossing. If they can find another £280,000 and if new cameras are to be introduced they should be at places where safety is the primary motive. For example, such as the banned left and right turns into Surbiton Hill Road, opposite The Hollyfield School. At this site, pedestrians crossing using the ‘green man’ facility can come into conflict with a motorist taking a banned turn across their path.

“If compliance, rather than just raising more money through fines, is the Conservatives’ primary objective, they should do more to engage with residents. They’ve just spent over £100,000 for a borough wide survey. Surely, like changes to the recycling service, this is another area where they could have sought residents’ views?”

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