More Kingston Tory double standards - surely Kevin Davis must now sack Cllr Hudson!

Kingston Conservative Leader's 2005 words come back to haunt him. This week, Liberal Democrat Leader, Cllr. Liz Green, is making public a letter sent from Cllr.Kevin Davis. 

Councillor Green explains.......

"Last week the Tory Chair of Development Control Committee, Councillor Richard Hudson, launched a campaign - Tolworth Deserves Better. By launching his own band wagon and jumping right on it he immediately ruled himself out of being able to vote on both Tolworth Tower and Tesco planning applications which are of huge importance to local residents and the Borough.

"The correspondence I have on file, written in 2005, was from Councillor Kevin Davis when he was Leader of the Opposition. It’s illuminating as Kevin objected then to the Liberal Democrat Chair of Development Control Committee for heading up the Anti Tesco in Tolworth Campaign Group."

The letter from Kevin Davis reads, "For the Chairman of the Development Control Committee to lead such an anti development campaign is not only inappropriate but also untenable. It is clear that Councillor Harris can no longer continue in her position."

"I am therefore asking that as Leader of the Council you now take steps to appoint to the Development Control Chairmanship someone whom the Council and public can have confidence in."

Councillor Green continued:

"What a hypocrite! Our Chair of Development Control lived right by the Tesco site so always had a prejudicial interest that would stop her from taking part in the planning process. Hudson does not live by either of the planning applications and has wilfully ruled himself out of the process but I don’t expect Kevin to act upon his own advice and now remove Hudson from the Chairmanship of Development Control Committee as it’s all a PR stunt."

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