Tory Secondary School place incompetence

Here is what the Tories don’t want you to know about secondary school places starting in September this year. This year, 94 Kingston Borough children were not offered any secondary school place!

Every year on March 1st, the first round of secondary school offers come out to parents. Inevitably, there are some who are delighted to get their first choice of secondary school for their child and some are disappointed that they are not offered their preferred school.

But this year, 94 Kingston Borough children were not offered any secondary school place! Another 51 children were not offered any of their 6 preferred schools. And yet the increase in applications was predicted by Council officers.

Rather than prepare for this increase, Kingston Conservatives agreed to Coombe Boys School reducing their intake by 30 children from this September.

Councillor Liz Green, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Kingston Council said: “This is about young people and their future. This is about those year 6 pupils who want to prepare to embark on the next stage of their education, but cannot, as they do not know where that will be.

"This is about an incompetent and uncaring Conservative administration, unprepared for a known rise in the number of children needing a place in secondary school from this September”.

“Last year, I didn’t get our preferred school for my daughter, and that was disappointing, but at least we had the offer of another local school. I can’t imagine the worry of having no offer at all. I would encourage all parents without an offer or an offer they are unsure about, to call the Council’s admissions team to discuss their individual circumstances, who will do their best to help, but that does not take away from the incompetence of the Conservative administration which has caused these problems in the first place.”

2018 secondary schools offers in numbers:

  • Total Kingston school applications 1758 (UP 116/7.1% from 2017)
  • Total in-borough children receiving a first preference offer 69% (DOWN from 76% in 2017)
  • Total in borough children receiving an offer of top 3 preferred school 88% (DOWN from 95% in 2017)
  • Total in-borough children receiving and offer for one of their preferred school 92% (DOWN from 97% in 2017)
  • Total number of in-borough children NOT receiving an offer at one of their preferred schools is 145 (UP from 47 in 2017)
  • Total number of in-borough children NOT receiving any offer of a school place is 94 (UP from zero in 2017)
  • The Conservative Council has left the schools budget with an £11 Million black hole.

This problem was entirely predictable.

Back in 2011 when these children started reception class, the Liberal Democrats ran Kingston Council, permanently expanding Alexandra/St Paul's, Fern Hill, Latchmere, Burlington, Ellingham, Grand Avenue and St Matthew's to make sure there were sufficient places.

Kingston Conservatives have not acted to make enough secondary places available now these young people are moving into secondary school and that is disgraceful.


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