We're not all bin this together - Eric Pickles’ plan

The Lib Dem Administration has trashed Tory Eric Pickles’ plans to re-instate weekly bin collections as a slap in the face for localism. 

At a time when residents are being told that money across government is very tight, at a time when were told that localism is important, instead of finding money to help us with social care bills which are going through the roof, Eric Pickles has found a £250 million pot for his obsession with weekly bin collections.


Mr Pickles was forced to back down in the summer after admitting that it was up to councils to decide how often they collect their waste and accepted that responsibility for waste policy was actually with Defra and not with his government department.

Kingston’s waste collection system aimed to maximise diversion of waste from landfill was introduced under the previous Lib Dem administration (2008). 

We know our local approach to tackle climate change, reduce our ecological footprint and reduce, reuse and recycle is working. With efficient weekly recycling collections, our recycling has almost doubled and landfill has gone down because our residents are intelligent people who sort their rubbish. Going back to weekly rubbish collections will only encourage people not to sort it and there will be more sent to landfill.

Recycling saves money, last year Kingston residents saved £1.5 million by recycling 48% of the waste and this result is expected to keep Kingston well within the top 25% performance nationally.

It costs £130 per tonne to send rubbish to landfill and given that 59,334 tonnes of household waste was produced last year every penny spent on landfill rubbish is a price every Kingston resident pays in council tax.

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