You can’t trust a word Kingston Tories say

Kingston Conservatives are putting up council tax by 3.99% and cutting services. In their second budget since taking control of Kingston Council, the Tory administration has already broken 3 of their 5 manifesto promises.

TORY PROMISE 1 – we will freeze council tax for at least 2 years – BROKEN with maximum increase allowed of 3.99% in second year.

TORY PROMISE 2 – we will care for the vulnerable – BROKEN by closing 3 youth centres used by disabled children and young carers.

TORY PROMISE 3 – invest in road maintenance – BROKEN by cutting £400,000 (20%) from the budget each year.

The budget disasters don’t stop there:

  • Tories plan to stop giving you bio-bags to line your food waste bin – you can make do without or buy your own!
  • Tories will reduce the number of cuts to your grass verge.
  • Tories have increased your parking charges by £340,000.
  • Tories are increasing your charges for registrar and bereavement services and vehicle crossovers.
  • Tories are cutting over £3m from health and adult services!
  • Tories will reduce the library service available for you.
  • Tories plan to sell ‘the family silver’ to fund ongoing plans.
  • To top it all off Kingston Tories want to give all Councillors new iPads!


This all goes to show why you can’t trust a word Kingston Tories say.

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